The Sissy Model
Tiffany Chastain  

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About The Sissy Model: First Time Feminization

When Vince’s hot neighbor Cindy surprises him at his front door, begging for help, Vince thinks he finally has an in to getting into bed with her. She tells him that she needs someone to replace the model for her photo shoot which is just hours away and that she thinks he would be perfect. Vince agrees to help in trade for her owing him a favor. A favor that he hopes to make sexual.

However, what Vince doesn’t know is that Cindy doesn’t need a replacement male model. She need someone to replace her missing female model and wants Vince’s help because of his petite and feminine body.

Once Cindy has transformed and feminized Vince, he sudden comes face-to-face with his tall, handsome and muscular costar, John, and quickly finds out how willing he is to play the role of a woman.

The Sissy Model: First Time Feminization is available to read on Kindle and for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership. This story revolves around the themes of sissies and feminization.

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