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Becoming a Sissy Maid: Unlocking Hidden Desires

After allowing his marriage grow stagnant, Brad is faced with a tough decision. Wear a chastity cage or lose his relationship with his wife, Melissa. Melissa has issued him this ultimatum after years of growing unhappy in their marriage and because she believes that wearing a chastity cage will help turn Brad back into the loving, supportive man she married.

When Brad agrees, Melissa begins to give him daily chastity chores. Motivated by his desire to prove his devotion to his wife, Brad performs his chores diligently even as Melissa begins to add to his list of chastity chores. To further test his love and growing obedience, Melissa decides to tell him to dress up like a French maid for a deep cleaning of the house. When Brad not only agrees but seems eager to dress up again, Melissa understands that Brad was meant for a different life and takes it upon herself to unlock his hidden desires.

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Most Popular: Becoming a Sissy Maid

After neglecting his marriage, Brad is forced into chastity by his wife Melissa. In an effort to prove his love, Brad does everything Melissa demands, including dressing up like a French maid to clean the house. What neither of them expect is how much Brad likes it, and how badly he wants to continue being her maid.

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