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October’s Discount Books

Feminized By My Best Friend Part 1 & Part 2 are this month’s discounted books!

From October 24th until October 28th, get BOTH Feminized By My Best Friend Part 1 & Part 2 for only $0.99 each!

About Feminized By My Best Friend

Nick has carried a secret crush on his best friend, Samantha, for as long as he can remember. But when it comes to romance, she has always been out of his reach and out of his league.

But life takes an unexpected turn when Nick lends a hand to help Sam move and stumbles upon a box filled with her lingerie. Lost in the allure of the delicate garments, he becomes completely absorbed, momentarily forgetting that Sam is in the room with him, watching his infatuation of her panties.

Little does Nick realize the familiarity he will soon have with Sam’s lingerie and the surprises that await him, as Sam unveils her secret plans, forever altering the course of their relationship.

Start the story of how Sam helps Nick transform from her best friend to her girl friend.

Feminized By My Best Friend is available to read on Kindle and for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership. This story revolves around the themes of sissies, feminization, chastity, and bdsm.

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